The 7 most popular wet and wild water sports in Sri Lanka

The 7 most popular wet and wild water sports in Sri Lanka
The 7 most popular wet and wild water sports in Sri Lanka

Water sports in Sri Lanka will provide a thrilling vacation if you’re looking for a thrill-filled getaway. Discover the beauty of Arugam Bay or the reefs off the Hikkaduwa coast, where you can scuba dive around the reefs to rediscover the fun and excitement you will always remember. Sri Lanka offers the perfect setting for water sports with its stunning beaches and waters. Several of the bays and reefs on the island are popular for sailing, while others are known for their rips suitable for surfing and diving. Here are The 7 most popular wet and wild water sports in Sri Lanka.

The 7 most popular wet and wild water sports in Sri Lanka
The 7 most popular wet and wild water sports in Sri Lanka

Unlike most other countries, Sri Lanka offers almost all year-round water sports. Because of its two climate zones, including the north and west, Sri Lanka has a lot of rainfall. October to April is the best time to enjoy the Southwest coast, while March to November is the best time to enjoy the North-East coast. Some water sports are available for you to try in Sri Lanka as a water sports lover. In addition to windsurfing, waterskiing, tube rides, jet skis, fishing, wakeboarding, body boarding, banana rides, diving, river cruises, and deep-sea fishing.

In Sri Lanka, there are many famous spots for water sports, but some are better than others. Some of the best water sports beaches aren’t far from Kalpitiya, Arugam Bay, Bentota, Weligama, or Hikkaduwa. Arugam Bay, Hikkaduwa, Bentota, and Kalpitiya are all perfect areas to enjoy Surfing, Scuba Diving, and Kite-Surfing. One can easily find good quality accommodations in each of the above places. Additionally, it is not difficult to travel to any of these places and can be done using any mode of transportation.

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Secondly, Sri Lanka’s price level makes it a great place to do water sports or, more accurately, go on vacation. Sri Lanka’s price level is cheap while delivering great results. Almost all the water sports are available for 10-20 USD for an hour. Beginners and experienced individuals can enroll in full or partial water sports training programs. Water sports are available at most hotels upon request. Locals can tell you about nearby water sports centers by asking your hotel or staff.

These are the 7 best wet and wild water sports in Sri Lanka.

1. Snorkeling and diving

Snorkeling is a thrilling and exciting sport in which participants swim in or on the water while wearing diving masks, swim fins, and carrying a snorkel that allows them to breathe with ease face down in the water. All ages love snorkeling since it allows you to see the fascinating aquatic life easily, without purchasing complicated equipment and undergoing the complex training required in other sports, such as scuba diving. Diving and snorkeling are very popular in Hikkaduwa, Weligama, and Kirinda. Diving and snorkeling are very popular in Hikkaduwa, Weligama, and Kirinda.

2. Surfing

By surfing, foreign and local tourists are attracted to Sri Lanka’s beaches. The excellent waves, the warm water, and the friendly locals will make your trip unforgettable. The east and southwest coasts of Sri Lanka have some of the best surfing locations in the world. Arugam Bay, Weligama, and Hikkaduwa are some of the best surf spots in Sri Lanka.

3. You can go water skiing

While snorkeling is a submerged activity, water skiing involves a performer being towed behind a boat as they move across the water’s surface. A balance, stamina, and upper and lower body strength are required for this sport. Everyone can enjoy water skiing. Water skiing is popular in Negombo, Hikkaduwa, and Aluthgama.

4. jet skiing is very popular

Motor boats are used in this sport to make incredible speeds and turn on the water. Incredible! Aren’t they? Think about speeding through the water on your own. The second feature of this sport is that two or more people can participate at the same time. As they enjoy the feel of speed and breeze, this is a satisfying experience for couples on honeymoon or holiday. Jet Skiing is popular in Bentota and Passikudah.

5. There is kayaking

Kayaking in whitewater is also called that. A kayaker paddles on a body of water in a sit-down position while holding a double-bladed paddle. Kayaks are small, stable boats with no motors or propulsion systems. It is a sport that is fun, thanks to the slow, challenging, or extreme nature of the moving water. The most famous kayaking destinations in the world are Bentota and Weligama.

6. Tubing and banana rides

These are activities that you should not ignore. Banana boats and tubes are used for soaring on the water with speed and getting on and off of them. The fun comes from trying not to fall off the boat since there is little room to hold on to. A great aspect of this sport is that each participant wears a life jacket, and one can be picked up if they fall off. A Banana and Tube Ride in Bentota is a must.

7. Rafting on the river

Among the world’s most engaging and adventurous water sports activities is white water rafting in Sri Lanka. This activity doesn’t require any special skills or physical fitness. A person who has an adventurous spirit and a ‘can-do’ attitude will enjoy this activity, but it is challenging. Sri Lanka’s most popular white water rafting destination is Kittigala.


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